2023 SOMANZ Subscription Renewals

The 2023 SOMANZ Membership Fees for existing members will be due for renewal on the date you renewed (or should have) in 2022. You will receive an email notification to pay your fees or receive a notice that your fees will autopay.  For new members, SOMANZ Subscription fees are due for renewal 12 months from the date you joined.  Our new system will prompt you by email when its time to renew or when your autopay will occur.  Please note that the Obstetric Medicine Journal is only available to financial members. Please make sure your contact details and member profile are complete and up-to-date prior to submitting payment for your membership. We prefer you to make payment online via the SOMANZ website. Credit card payments by MasterCard or Visa are accepted. If you do not wish to remain a member of SOMANZ, please send an email to the SOMANZ Secretariat at admin@somanz.org advising that you wish to terminate your membership.  Please provide a reason for terminating your membership (it’s just for our statistics).