There are two proposed methods of guideline development processes as detailed below:-

  • Guidelines written on behalf of SOMANZ
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  • Guidelines written by other societies and requesting SOMANZ endorsement
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The following Guidelines / Position Statements have been written and/or endorsed by the Council of SOMANZ:-


  • SOMANZ Guidelines for the Investigation and Management Sepsis in Pregnancy 2017 pubmed/28670748


In 2017 SOMANZ published a multi-disciplinary guideline for the management of sepsis in pregnancy and the post-partum period.  We took the broadest definition of sepsis, including the investigation of viral and non-infectious sepsis.  We have included three short easy diagnostic criteria for the triage of the acute patient: Respiratory rate, Systolic Blood Pressure and Alert/non-alert which trigger a management pathway.

A briefer version of the guideline was published in ANZJOG and the full guideline is available here shortly.  By popular demand we have attached a check-list tick sheet, to make it easy for all those of you presented with a septic patient at 2 am. We will add this to the web shortly.

We hope this will help reduce maternal mortality and morbidity for women presenting with sepsis in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Guidelines for the Management of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy 2014 (Updated June 2015)
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articles of interest

The following links of articles of interest are provided for the information of our members. They have not been endorsed by the Council of SOMANZ and represent the opinions of the authors only:-