Grand parenting of the Obstetric Medicine Certificate

From 2017 – 2019 SOMANZ will issue the Obstetric Medicine Certificate to eligible physicians in recognition of contributions to work, education and research in obstetric medicine, and training in obstetric medicine undertaken prior to 2013. As with the issuing of the Certificate to an Advanced Trainee, the issuing of the Obstetric Medicine Certificate to a physician is recognition by SOMANZ of the physician’s contributions to obstetric medicine and is not a separate qualification recognised by RACP, AHPRA or MCNZ.  This is still a significant accomplishment for SOMANZ in its aim to enhance the role of obstetric medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

Application process:

Applications for the first year from 1 Nov 2016 to 19 Feb 2017 have now closed. The second round of applications will open on 01 November 2017.
A physician with work experience in obstetric medicine may apply. Full details of the application process are avaliable here: Grandparenting of the Obstetric Medicine Certificate.
Eligibility is assessed based on a scoring system of compulsory and supplemental criteria that need to be met from the physician’s clinical experience, prior training, contributions to academic work, leadership and education in obstetric medicine. A minimum of 16 points must be achieved. Full details of the requirements and scoring system are avaliable here: Weighted Criteria: Guidelnes for determining the eligibility of candidates for Grand parentiing of Obstetric Medicine Certificate.

Applicants will need to:

  • Complete the application form and scoring sheet.
  • Upload a copy of their Curriculum Vitae and any other supporting documents requested in the application process.
  • Be a financial member of SOMANZ at the time of application.
  • Pay the prescribed application fee when submitting the application:
    • AUD 350 (New Zealand applicants)
    • AUD 385 (Australian applicants - includes GST)

Succsessful applicants will be notified via e-mail by May, following SOMANZ Council’s face to face meeting. The certificates for the successful applicants in the first round were awarded at the 2017 SOMANZ Annual Scientific meeting. 


Applications will open on 01 November 2017 and close on 19 February 2018.

After the closing date of 19 February 2018 there will be one more opportunity to apply:

1 Nov 2018 to 19 Feb 2019.

For additional information contact the SOMANZ Secretariat.


Online Application

To apply online login and follow the link on the member home page.