SOMANZ Obstetric Medicine Certificate

From 2017 – 2019 SOMANZ issued the Obstetric Medicine Certificate to eligible physicians in recognition of contributions to work, education and research in obstetric medicine, and training in obstetric medicine undertaken prior to 2013. As with the issuing of the Certificate to an Advanced Trainee, the issuing of the Obstetric Medicine Certificate to a physician is recognition by SOMANZ of the physician’s contributions to obstetric medicine and is not a separate qualification recognised by RACP, AHPRA or MCNZ.  This is still a significant accomplishment for SOMANZ in its aim to enhance the role of obstetric medicine in Australia and New Zealand.


A list of the current SOMANZ members who have been awarded the SOMANZ Obstetric Medicine Certificate either through the grandparenting process or through completing the appropriate supervised training are posted here.  This list will be updated as further trainees are awarded.


Applications for Grandparenting have closed and the certificate will only be awarded to individuals who prospectively apply for supervision of SOMANZ recommended Obstetric Medicine training at an accredited site.  See the "Trainees in Obstetric Medicine" page on our website for further information.



William (Bill) Jeffries SA   Kunwarjit Singh Sangla QLD
Catherine Marnoch NZ   Anuradha Sakthivel VIC
Paul Champion de Crespigny VIC   Thomas Schulz VIC
Mark Morton SA   Rebekah Shakhovskoy QLD
Penny Wolski QLD   Vasant Vasudeva Shenoy QLD
Helen Barrett QLD   Bronwyn Anne Sinclair NZ
Jason Denman QLD   Denise Aitken NZ
Dorothy Graham WA   Amy Crosthwaite VIC
Lucille Wilkinson NZ   Carl Eagleton NZ
Leonie Callaway QLD   Eugene Estella QLD
Helen Robinson QLD   George Mangos NSW
Josephine Laurie QLD   Raymond Naden NZ
B Kingsley Nirmalaraj NZ   Shalini Nilajgi SA
David Cole NZ   Franzika Pettit NSW
Narelle Fagermo QLD   Sarah Price VIC
Angela Makris NSW   Amanda Mather NSW
Janelle Nisbet QLD   David Langsford VIC
Marie Claire McLintock NZ   Fiona Britten QLD
Sophie Poulter (nee Clarke) QLD   Dean Fourie NZ
Vernon Heazlewood QLD   Christine Sammartino VIC
H David McIntyre QLD   Amanda Beech NSW
John Katsoulis VIC   Madeline Spooner QLD
Karin Lust QLD   Jane Rigg NSW
Elise Gilbertson QLD   Katherine Poulsen QLD
Adam Morton QLD   Ian Kando NZ
Erin Clark SA   Stephanie Cox NZ
Peter Davoren QLD   Kylie Gilmore NZ
Ian Forbes VIC   Julie Chemmanam SA
Sandra Lowe NSW   Meg Henze WA
Annemarie Hennessy NSW   Annabelle Lamprecht QLD
Eileen Bass NZ   Elissa McNamara VIC
M Peter Moore NZ   Renee Eslick NSW
Katherine Griffiin (Scott) QLD   Nely Shrestha Kharti WA
Briony Cutts VIC   Naomi Eastwood-Wilshere NSW
May Ching Soh NZ   Angela Teh SA
Winnifred Lee QLD   Jessica Gehlert SA
Natalie Harrison VIC   Stephanie Teasdale QLD
Alison Nankervis VIC   Lucy McBride VIC
Mark Brown NSW   Natalie Cromer NSW
Ann-Maree Craven QLD   Jane Tellam QLD
Suet-Wan Choy VIC   Bianca Nightingale QLD
Matthew Farrant NZ   Ana McCarthy SA
Eddy Ronald Fischer NSW   Michelle Bardin VIC
Christine Houlihan VIC   Lee Keng Tan SA
Ruth Hughes NZ   Michelle Cole QLD
Irena Idel VIC        
Elizabeth Jarvis QLD        
Shantha Joseph SA        
Vicki Levidiotis VIC        
Nicole McGrath NZ        
Lawrence McMahon VIC        
Nirjhar Nandi QLD        
Parul Nigam QLD        
Cynthia Ong QLD        
Katherine Paizis VIC